Employment Opportunities!

Teach A Class! for Mankato Area Public Schools Community Education & Recreation

Do you have a special skill, vocation or expertise? Are you a teacher, retired teacher or professor looking for ways to continue to share your passion but with a limited commitment? Teaching a Community Education class for Adult & Youth Enrichment/Development class are available. 

We aim to offer a wide variety of classes and learning opportunities and our students are eager to learn! If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, please complete the form below to be considered as an instructor  for the Mankato Area Public Schools Community Education & Recreation Department. 

Three catalogs are published annually: fall, winter/spring, and summer. Course proposals for fall are due May 6th, winter/spring proposals are due September 9th, and summer proposals are due January 13th. If you miss a deadline, no worries! Just submit your proposal and it will be considered for the next upcoming catalog.

Click Here for a Independent Class Proposal

Click Here for a Business Proposal 

If you have any questions please contact Alisa Boswell for Adult Enrichment or Melanie Schmidt for Youth Enrichment & Development at .