2017 Adult Fall Slowpitch Softball

Entry Form and Entry Fee ($240)- Due July 25th
Players Fees All Divisions - $420 (Due with completed rosters by August 24)

Monday Men's Fall One-Pitch ($200 Entry, $320 players)

Fall Softball – Important Policies
See CER In House Rules for complete rules and policies
1. Official MSF/NSF rules will govern play, with the exception of CER in-house policies/rules and modifications below.
2. CER Policies and In House Rules are located below.  It is the team Managers responsibility to read and be familiar with all CER Policies and In House Rules and to make sure their players know them as well.
3. No new inning will begin after 1 hour of play, games can end in ties.
4. Each team shall provide a playable optic yellow ASA Approved Cor. 52, .300 Compression Softball for each game.  Teams hit the ball they provide.  Teams must have several playable balls available to put into play if needed for foul balls and home runs.
5. Women hit 11’ optic yellow ASA approved Cor. 44, .375 Compression ball if they choose to do so.
6. The 4 home run rule will be in effect for all league games.  Any home runs after the fourth will be an out.
7. Men's Monday night 'One-pitch' will be 9 innings or 50 Minute time limit. Games will be mix of single games and doubleheaders. Teams bat with one of their teammates pitching and have one pitch to put the ball in play.