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All Seasons Arena

All Seasons Arena opened with restrictions and guidelines including NO PUBLIC ICE TIME: NO OPEN SKATE, NO OPEN HOCKEY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Additional COVID-19 guidelines for All Seasons Arena:

• Ice rental is allowed for two pods of 10 on the ice at a time. This means no more than 20 skaters on the ice and that each pod of 10 should plan to social distance from the other pod of 10.
• Coaches/Instructors are counted towards the total of 10 whether you are on the ice or in the players’ box.
• The ice rentals are to be utilized for training purposes only, no organized hockey games and no scrimmages within your own team are allowed until further notice.
• Minors will be restricted to having only one adult chaperone accompany them.
• At this time skate sharpening will not be offered.
• Coaches/Instructors/Organizations that rent ice must develop a COVID-19 guidance document that will be communicated to their respective user group and be available to supply to All Seasons Arena if requested. In general, the guidance document should include recommendations for:
o Following social distancing within the ice arena.
o Encouraging and enforcing norms of health etiquette.
o Promoting health checks and screening of participants and staff/volunteers prior to entering the ice arena.
o Enforcing stay-at-home when sick.
o Adhering to ice arena specific guidelines



All Seasons Arena is a recreational facility dedicated to creating and maintaining a fun, family-oriented atmosphere. Our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service, value, and quality program opportunities for everyone. We will build a lifelong commitment in the community to family entertainment through ice related activities. 


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